Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Google Tests Different User Interface Designs on Search Results

Google, after launching the algorithm updates namely the Penguin and the Panda updates and rolling out several versions every so often, still continues to conduct activities that aim to improve user experience. And now, it has been found to have tested having bigger URLS, moving the cache link drop down, and indicating the product quantities in search results. 

The bigger URLs are evident when you search for topics as these are seen under the search snippet. If you have done a search recently, you will see that the URLs of the search results are way bigger than they used to be. From the old size of 13px, it is now up to 16px. Depending on the user, this may prove to be helpful as these are easier to see and it shows lesser clutter in the results.

The cache and similar links have also been moved and are used as a drop down option. And this occurs now within every search result returned by Google. For some it may be ideal and convenient, but for some others, it may look annoying and displaced in the search results pages. 

The product quantities, which is the third test conducted by Google, show the number of products that are listed on a page. At one look, you will be able to see how many products are listed under that URL. 

These are just tests that Google is running to see how it can even improve its services to internet users. Rest assured that Google will make sure every aspect of the issue is covered. 

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